Millennium Power Rangers in Action

Millennium Power Rangers at Work Again

These guys sure can find creative ways to get the job done!

Starring: Lorenzo Super Power Ranger. This guy, pound for pound is by far the toughest Power Ranger around.

Yes he can leap buildings in a single bound. Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a MIllennium Power Ranger!

Millennium Paving Crew at Work Again

Johnny T. making it happen.

Millling Out a Parking Lot with Live Traffic

The Power Rangers at work down in Framingham, MA.

Millennium’s new Elgin Broom Bear Eco Friendly Mechanical Broom Sweeper

This baby will pickup everything, and carries 300 gallons of water. Say goodbye to dust.

This is the Way We Do It

Power Ranger putting the bow on it, sweeping our way right out the door and on to the next mission. POWER RANGERS RULE.

Millennium Power Sweeping

Millennium proudly serves clients throughout the entire New England Region

Millennium Maintenance

Millennium Maintenance