Concrete Work

Concrete is the material of choice for most dumpster pads, loading docks, drive-thrus, and walkways because the material has a greater capacity to bear loads as well as providing a smooth, rigid edge. We offer a full menu of installation, repair, and replacement options for all of your concrete needs.

Concrete Ramps

Entry to your building or facility depends greatly on the access from your parking lot. Concrete ramps must be built to code (ADA and others) and neatly match with the existing walkway and asphalt surfaces.


Curbing is used to differentiate parking areas from roadways, sidewalks, and landscaping as well as controlling the flow of water from the parking area to the storm drain system. We install all types of curbing including granite, concrete, and asphalt berms.

Concrete Upgrades for Compliance to ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)

At Millennium we understand the importance of maintaining your buildings and parking lots to the latest standards. Our ADA Response Team is ready to partner with you and review your current building and parking lot conditions and make recommendations. We can install and/or modify handicap access ramps, install/or modify ramps to create safer access, install signage to alert patrons of the best access route, install/modify line stripping to create crosswalks, van accessible parking, and install bollards for handicap space identification, replace door hardware, and all other ADA/ADAAG interior modifications that may be needed to comply.

Millennium proudly serves clients throughout the entire New England Region

Millennium Maintenance

Millennium Maintenance