Infrared Paving Services

Millennium Maintenance is excited to announce a new and exclusive addition to our portfolio of services – Infrared Paving. Before you can fully appreciate the benefits of infrared paving it’s important to understand the more traditional, and outdated, method used by the majority of contractors in the area.

Traditional Paving Method

Traditional asphalt paving typically involves cutting, removing and replacing the existing damaged asphalt. A 4 to 5 man crew is usually required for most traditional pavement repairs as well as larger quantities of fresh asphalt and costly disposal fees. Additionally, traditional cut-and-fill paving techniques leave seams in the pavement which allow water penetration. Over time, water seepage will cause repairs to fail.

Infrared Paving Method

The infrared paving method is the leader in cutting edge asphalt restorations and repairs. It truly is the future of paving!

Our fully trained infrared crew, consisting of 2 to 3 members, begin repairs by sweeping the failed areas clean and marking out the area to be serviced. Repairs are marked 6 to 8 inches beyond the failing area to ensure a seamless transition to the existing asphalt.

Using our state of the art infrared paving truck, the operator will lower the infrared platform to the affected area. The infrared platform uses thermal bonding technology to soften the existing asphalt to make it pliable. Once heat is applied, crew members rake out the existing asphalt to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, versus a full removal of existing asphalt typical in traditional methods.

Rejuvenation spray is applied to the raked, existing asphalt to reintroduce oils which deplete over the life of the pavement. Fresh asphalt is then introduced to the area and applied only as needed to meet the existing grade. To finish the repairs, the affected area is power rolled for maximum compaction. Since Infrared technology creates a seamless transition there is no need for tack emulsion. Repaired areas are almost immediately ready for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Why Choose Infrared Technology?

Labor and Time

Infrared crews require 2 to 3 less members than traditional paving crews. Additionally, the infrared method take a fraction of the time that cut-and-fill methods require. This mean less man hours and more savings for you!


Because the infrared paving method recycles the majority of the existing asphalt to reuse in the repair, Millennium is able to save our customers money in disposal costs and fresh asphalt costs. As always, Millennium makes a point to recycle all refuse materials from the end of each job using the most environmentally friendly methods available.

Seamless and Permanent Repairs

Opting for infrared paving means there is no longer a need to worry about water penetration from heavy rains or snow melt. The seamless transition provided through infrared technology make for more permanent repairs vs. the more temporary repairs made with tradition paving services.

Paving When You Need It

The thermal bonding technology used with the infrared platform works well in all weather conditions. This allows us to perform asphalt repairs 12 months out of the year. There is no longer a need to wait for the harsh New England winters to end or pesky rain to cease! Since our infrared truck has a 4 ton capacity reclaimer, pavement repairs can be made at any time, 24 hours a day.

Millennium proudly serves clients throughout the entire New England Region

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